Wow! One month gone since Last POST! Was in NY City last week & Grandkids in the house!

I can’t even believe that it has been a whole month since I last posted.  I had to buckle down & set my priorities.  I have only learned these last 12-24 months that setting priorities is very important, because time is racing by. I can just guarantee that most of it IS attributed to getting older.  I am not a spring chicken, but let’s just say,  juggling so many balls in the air with high school kids, and trying to craft in your mid 50’s IS getting more challenging.  I have been traveling so much lately so trying to craft and make things is REALLY hard to do when you aren’t at home.  I craft in my RV, but trying to cram a Sizzix Vagabond in your suitcase is getting really hard.  I travel in the last 30 days to Southern Calif, Salt Lake City, UT, New Jersey, New York City, Atlantic City, and leaving tomorrow for Austin, TX.  I have had soccer games, graduations, birthday celebrations and even a Vikette Dance Reunion, hence – my travels tomorrow for Austin, TX.  I graduated from Lanier High School, and we are celebrating the most magnificent Director Mrs. Gayla King that trained,  guided, and most of all – taught us about TEAM, relationships, and faith.  I will always remember before and sometimes after EVERY performance that we would pray and hold hands in the most loving way.  It will be a bond forever and it truly helped develop my appreciation for friendships that has shaped my life forever.

Since Monday,  I have had the pleasure of babysitting two 4 yr old grandkids 24/7 as my oldest son and his family traveled to Calif with his older kids to Universal Studios.  My husband commutes to Tucson, AZ but this week he had to work from home.  The first day we mainly tried to teach these busy little kids NOT to go into the office where “paw paw” is working.  YiYA!  it was so hard.  I am so tired, and being a die hard “forensic file” show watcher,  let’s just say “yawma”  didn’t watch TV at all this week.  I leave tomorrow, and “paw paw” is going to be busy but good thing he has Friday’s off!  And my “Hiding in the Craft Room” Challenge is due tomorrow.  I could barely finish.  Not too mentioned it was SO  hot here in Arizona.  Temperature in the 105-107  degrees ALL week, even 8pm at night!  So the only time I could work on it was late at night.  Check out “Hiding in My Craft Room Challenge #304 – Super Scraps Saturday, featured sponsor: Starz Stampz

I did get it done, and now I am finally able to pack my suitcase and crafting supplies.  I am so looking forward to sharing crafting, card marking and scrapbooking with my two sister in Austin, TX.  The icing on the cake is getting to spend a week with our mama, Alice and eat the most amazing mexican food in the world.  She is our inspiration, strong, witty, AND spicy mother – BUT FUN to hang out with!!!

Grandkids in THE house!!!!!
“Grandma….. Can I play with these?” “yes, Caiden, as long as you put them away” WINE CORKS!!!! lol
I get 22 minutes to go to Safeway to buy stuff….. I am dire straits for a CANDY CIG!!!!
Helping “grandma” with her Crafting Challenge….. She got crayons, and I never showed her my Copics…
Starz Stamps “Sunday Best”… I love Copic coloring but I am probably not the best at it…..
Ran to TJMaxx to return some stuff, and couldn’t resist buying her this tea set she wanted. I miss those days with my two girls who drink Starbucks & stupid Dutch Bros now…. lol
One of my top 10 movies, “An Affair to Remember” with Deborah Kerr & Cary Grant. I FINALLY made it to the top of the Empire State Building!!!! my hubby and youngest son! Aren’t they handsome?!!!
At the Jersey Shore with my youngest girl, son and hubby. We had so much fun!
Teen Magazine featuring my Drill Team “The Vikettes”!!! We won the National Championships in Santa Monica California. A allot of bakes sales, retail inventories & car washes to raise the money. A dream of a lifetime!!! That ME!!! Bottom row doing the splits. Right side, 5th from the right. Look at my long black locks! LoL!

Got to run,  it’s getting late and I am scrambling around trying to stuff more and more crafting crap in my suit

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