Not Paper Crafting – But Cooking Meals with a Pressure Cooker!

I have a girlfriend who has a large family that works hard, extremely creative, and so much fun to be around.  She recently shared that she cooks with a pressure cooker.  Of course,  I was too frugal to run out and purchase one from Costco, or online.  But after another friend,  that cooks meals all the time told me about HER pressure cooker – I had to try.  I bought one online and have now had it about 10 days.  I Absolutely love it, and have already cooked a roast in less than an hour,  (my veggies were way overdone,  but I forgot to use the basket), a whole chicken in 20 minutes, homemade beans,  & two teriyaki pork loins.  ALL so quick and they were delicious.  Where have I been all these years?!  I guess the technology has really come a long long way and they are getting popular.  I told my mom yesterday, and she just mentioned about her chicken being on the kitchen ceiling as they weren’t “plug in” back in the day.  Anyway – I had to share, as I am a mom of 5 kids, and I wish I knew about this about 15 years ago, when I had allot of mouths to feed.  Now it is all about saving TIME so I have more time to CRAFT and make things.  Right?!!!!  Work smarter, not harder.  Anyway – I big shout to my friend, Terri!  If you haven’t tried,  you won’t be disappointed!

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