About Me

Howdy!   I’m Christine Thanks for stopping by.

I love creating crafts that usually begin on the fly.  When under extreme pressure,  I do my best work.  I am really frugal and some of my best creations,  usually start with something I picked up at The Goodwill, which I will always refer as “The GW”, or from a simple piece of blank or pattern paper.  I love the hunt for supplies at mainly garage sales, Craigslist, & Swip Swap.  I get many inspirations from the actual challenge of making stuff up,  and of course! A good glass of fine chardonnay always brings out creativity.  I am surrounded by many creative friends –  artists, painters, decorators, and gardeners.  Sometimes competition,  always motivates me to make gifts and treasures for family and friends.  But most of the time,  just making something with my hands is so satisfying. You see,  most of my life I created and was a designer with my computer.  It is technical, and cold.  Creating homemade projects is so much fun.  My favorite medium is ink stamping and using distress stains.  Also a quick trick to really bling up a card or project is using a thin strip of score tape with fine glitter and wiping with swifter wipes!  No more glitter on your hands!    It is the best trick ever! I also love embellishing unique cigar boxes.  Just making stuff is my Passion…..

I am married for 20+ years to a very funny guy named Jim, and have a stepson,  Christopher who is grown, raising his own kids and made me a gma!  Shout out to him for helping me with this blog!!!  Then we have 4 children,  two post teen boys trying to figure out life, and two teen girls who keep us busy with school,  college prospects,  and club soccer which requires us to travel allot.  Hence,  mobile crafting.  I have learned how to cut paper and make scrapbook pages in the car!  We have two cats,  one really snobby,  “Smokey” (female) and the best, sweetest cat named “Zeus” who is a male.  You will see Zeus here and there, as it seems that many times,  he loves to sit right smack into most of my projects.  I will definitely share a few of those funny photos.  I love to cook and discover new recipes,  again… On the FLY!  I even tackle making homemade tamales every year for Christmas since I am always so homesick for my Tex Mex roots, and my mom’s famous cooking.  I am not a reality TV watcher, but I have watched every single of Survivor since day one.  And if I find a show that I like,  it consumes me when it comes on,  AND you can craft while watching.  I will confess that every time I have ever made a card, scrapbook page, or project,  my TV is always on.  It’s like the background music or my friend.  I don’t like quiet,  I have to have it!  I can come up with allot of tips and tricks that are from the school of hard knocks.  I am never afraid to ask how to do something,  and I am never afraid of improving or learning from YouTube,  Pinterest, or Blogs. I have no issues with copying or sharing.  I just believe that if you copy something,  copy the general idea, and create you own spin!  That is what makes crafting and DIYing the best.  CREATION and repurposing things that have been neglected.  Happy Crafting!  See my 1st Blog to see my start back in 8th grade!  I hope you will stick with me.  Sharing is the key here.  Whether Sharing the craft you made, or sharing how you made something so others can CREATE for someone they care about.  Making “Homemade” Great Again!!!